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financialDownload by ED is a collation of short posts related to my study in Financial Economics at the University of St Andrews as well as personal reading, generally from the Financial Times and The Economist. I also aim to have posts relating to and explaining basic financial terms and concepts which are often misunderstood.

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Emily Dow

Hi! I'm in my third year studying Financial Economics at the University of St Andrews. Like most at university, I am passionate about my subject, however my interest goes beyond most - it's actually a running joke with my friends! Despite my never-ending fascination with the subject, I do often find it challenging to understand (which is partly why I enjoy it!), therefore I'd like to have a place which concisely explains some of the concepts I previously struggled with, as well as current related stories which I have found interesting.

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Hedge Funds and Smart Money

This post is based on Chapter 1 from Efficiently Inefficient: How smart money invests & market prices are determined by Lasse Heje...

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