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financialDownload by ED is a collation of short posts related to my study in Financial Economics at the University of St Andrews as well as personal reading, generally from the Financial Times and The Economist. I also aim to have posts relating to and explaining basic financial terms and concepts which are often misunderstood.

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Emily Dow

Hi! I'm in my third year studying Financial Economics at the University of St Andrews. Like most at university, I am passionate about my subject, however my interest goes beyond most - it's actually a running joke with my friends! Despite my never-ending fascination with the subject, I do often find it challenging to understand (which is partly why I enjoy it!), therefore I'd like to have a place which concisely explains some of the concepts I previously struggled with, as well as current related stories which I have found interesting.

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Coronavirus: the working-from-home variant

Hi all! My most recent writing piece has been for the St Andrews Economist, which you can read here

500 companies yet 505 stocks? Surely not.

The S&P 500, as described in one of my earliest posts about the 2020 stock market, is a stock index which tracks the 500 largest US...

ExplainedByED: when the market fails us

Markets rarely obey economic theories. |n fact most of the time it can feel as if markets are a 4-year-old child deliberately defying...

Percy the Poor Victim of Brexit Pig

Due to the time constraint when negotiating a trade deal with the European Union (EU), there have been many issues regarding the new...

COVID-19: make or break globalisation?

I know you've read the words "made in China" on something you own. You can thank globalisation for that. But have you heard of...

w/c 11/01/21

Key, interesting reads to stay up-to-date: Free school meals: Mother's 'sadness' at 'mean' food parcel

Why so sad @inflation?

Firstly, simply, inflation is when there is too much money chasing too few goods. Firms cannot change the scale of their production in...

Hedge Funds and Smart Money

This post is based on Chapter 1 from Efficiently Inefficient: How smart money invests & market prices are determined by Lasse Heje...

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